Lakeside Presbyterian Church, PCA
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Seeking to Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever

A Brief Look at Lakeside's History and Background


Lakeside is Born. Lakeside Presbyterian Church PCA (Presbyterian Church in America) was birthed as a mission of the North Texas Presbytery under the leadership of founding Pastor Ed Bertalan in 1992. The Lord established and grew the church, as it first met for worship in Southlake at Johnson Middle School, and then, for a time, at Carroll Baptist Church in Southlake. Pastor Bertalan accepted a call to another church in 1996, and Lakeside moved to worshiping each Sunday at the Durham Elementary School, 801 Shady Oaks in Southlake. The combination of the moves and the departure of the founding pastor resulted in a significant number of members leaving Lakeside for other churches.

Lakeside is Revived. After a lengthy search, Lakeside called Rev. David Boxerman in October 1997. When Pastor Boxerman arrived, there were only 14 active adult members on the roll. Nevertheless this faithful core group, and Pastor Boxerman, shared a deep, common conviction that God intended to establish Lakeside, prosper her, and use her to bless others in spreading the gospel and love of Jesus Christ. Indeed, God did bless, with the addition of 25 adult members in the first twelve months after Lakeside's "re-birth." The church has continued to experience God's blessing, not simply in numerical growth, but in His bringing together a loving Christian community of solid believers, being equipped to impact Southlake, the Dallas / Fort Worth Metroplex, and, yes, the world for Jesus Christ!

New Facility! New Ministry Opportunity!   In confirming His blessing on Lakeside, and indicating He has plans for her, the Lord provided an opportunity for the church to purchase a seven acre tract. Lakeside completed construction on her first permanent church home in January 2008, 2701 West Southlake Blvd.

The Time is Now. There is no more rewarding or exciting experience than to be in on the ground floor of God's building His church. Lakeside is a family-friendly church and is committed to proclaiming the truth of Christ, showing the love of Christ, and exalting the glory of Christ in a warm and accepting community of believers. You are invited to come and join us in participating and seeing how God is growing this part of His kingdom.