Lakeside Presbyterian Church, PCA
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Seeking to Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever
PCA Strategic Plan Report 

“…a looming crisis for all American evangelical churches is that they cannot thrive outside of the shrinking enclaves of conservative and traditional people and culture. We have not created the new ministry and communication and church models that will flourish and grow in the coming post-Christian very secular Western world. Our vision should be to develop campus ministries, new churches, Christian education/discipleship systems that are effective in those fields in North America.”

 - TE Tim Keller, Senior Minister, Redeemer Presbyterian Church, NYC


The PCA has four strategic priorities

1. Empower church health and growth for new and existing churches local and worldwide.

2. Develop leadership for the future.

3. Increase denominational understanding and effectiveness.

4. Engage the culture – timeless truth for our times.

The Presbyterian Church in America will be a covenant community of churches that have the following attributes:

1. Worshipping churches, where elders proclaim, teach, and apply the Word of God to all areas of life and the congregations worship God in spirit and in truth.

2. Equipping and enabling churches, where members practice love for God, for fellow Christians, and for all people and where there is genuine fellowship and community.

3. Discipling churches, where Christians seek the truth while depending on the grace of God, develop godly leaders for future generations, plant churches, and minister to a broad range of peoples throughout the world.

4. Reforming churches, where the denomination reflects the many ethnic peoples of North America and displays the compassion of the Lord Jesus Christ in various ministries of mercy, and where members transform the culture in which they work and live.

A succinct motto for this vision is “Being revived and bringing reformation."

The PCA as a denomination and among its member churches will pursue all the following defining values (listed alphabetically):

Accountability to one another privately and through the church corporately for personal holiness and gospel witness.

Cooperation by engaging in ministry together as local churches, presbyteries and as a denomination, and with like-minded churches in North America and the world.

Faithfulness to the Holy Scriptures as the inspired, inerrant Word of God.

Fidelity to the reformed faith as the system of doctrine most consistent with the Word of God.

Love to the one true and living God, to fellow Christians, and to our unbelieving neighbors.

Obedience to fulfilling the Great Commission.

Prayer that fulfills biblical models and instructions.

Worship that is God-centered, Biblically based, participatory, historically informed, and culturally appropriate.