Lakeside Presbyterian Church, PCA
Saturday, June 24, 2017
Seeking to Glorify God and Enjoy Him Forever

Lakeside supports missionaries from Mission to the World. MTW is the mission-sending agency of the Presbyterian Church in America, helping to fulfill the Great Commission by advancing Reformed and covenantal church-planting movements through word and deed in strategic areas worldwide.

We currently support the Fisher Family with their mission work in Guadalajara, Mexico.
  About Paul and Dawn Fisher


Paul was originally from south Jersey where he was saved as a child and raised in a Christian home. Active in Christian ministries since his youth, Paul as called to missions from as long ago as he can remember. He studied music and missions in college to develop his gifts and has since been certified as an EMT / nurse.

Dawn grew up in Mexico where her family served as missionaries. It was there at an early age that she came to trust in Christ. As a child she sensed God's call to missions through her involvement in the ministry.

The Fishers are involved in developing community service ministries which serve to build bridges to the community and open doors for evangelism, discipleship, and church-planting in Southern Mexico. They are engaged in cultural / educational ministries and medical missions. Their desire is also to challenge and equip Mexican believers to be the "salt of the earth" in their respective circles of influence and to make a difference for Jesus Christ in their daily lives through Christian community service ministries and relational evangelism.

Please pray for Paul and Dawn that God would continue to use them and provide for their family and the the ministry to which he has called them. Thank you.